Senior Districts & All-State Information 2020

Dates & Other Information

BHS District and All-State Festival Info (2015-2016) (pdf)

Online Calendars

Districts and All-State InformationDistrict and All-State Calendar (Google Calendar)

Districts and All-State Calendar (iCal)

Score Sheet

Eastern Districts Vocal Score Sheet (Senior Districts)

Audition Recordings

Senior Districts audition song (My Heart is Offered Still to You – DiLasso) is available from Mr. Driscoll.

Senior Districts audition recordings (My Heart is Offered Still to You – DiLasso) are available here. During the audition, you will sing to the recording that is WITHOUT your voice part. So if you are a tenor, choose the “tenor” link, which will include the soprano, alto and bass parts. If you would like to hear all four parts, choose the recording with a voice part added to the file.

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